Honey syrup is a traditional Bornholm drink made from schnapps and honey. Maybe the honey was originally added to hide the taste of a bad spirit, but in this edition from Den Bornholmske Spritfabrik, the key word is quality! It is bottled with 32% alcohol and can be enjoyed whenever you feel the urge for a little sip of Bornholm's history.

Color: Nice light yellow.
Scent: Delicious, inviting scent of honey.
Taste notes: Soft and round with great sweetness and a mild aftertaste.

Serving suggestions: Can be enjoyed clean or in cocktails.

The old steam distillery in Hasle, which was built in 1855, had a reputation for producing spirits of the highest quality. However, it was closed down shortly after the First World War, and Bornholm was (officially) distillation-free for the next seventy years, when Bornholmer Akvavit was produced everywhere other than Bornholm. But in 1994 resumed The Bornholm Spirits Factory finally the noble tradition of Bornholm brandy! The production is characterized by craftsmanship and good raw materials.