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Maté Maté 33CL, ECO

Maté Maté 33CL, ECO
Maté Maté 33CL, ECO
Maté Maté 33CL, ECO
Product image 1Maté Maté 33CL, ECO
Product image 2Maté Maté 33CL, ECO
Product image 3Maté Maté 33CL, ECO

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Nørrebro's original yerba mate iste since 2014.

Maté Maté is a cold-brewed organic iced tea made from Brazilian yerba maté and is known for its refreshing taste and naturally invigorating effect.

The South American yerba maté is rich in natural caffeine content that has been used for generations for tea, natural medicine and cooking.

Cooled and mixed with lemon, lime, a little sugar and soda, the bitter South American tea becomes a delicious refreshment and an ideal alternative to synthetic and sugary energy drinks.


Perfect in a cocktail with Vodka Bornholm

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