The GOAT Gin Cocktail Kit

The GOAT Gin Cocktail Kit

The GOAT Gin Cocktail Kit

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We've put together some of the best from products to make an enchanting Gin & Tonic that will even make Mr GOAT take his hat off.

The GOAT Gin Cocktail Kit includes a bottle of GOAT Gin, two 50 cl. Fever Tree Tonic and dehydrated lemon slices.

If you haven't tried our organic GOAT yet, you're in for a real treat. The GOAT Gin is the epitome of everything an irresistible gin should contain, right from the first glance.

Mr GOAT is ready to serve for a great Gin night with friends and family. A real winner with tonic and plenty of ice, and made in classic London Dry gin fashion.

To be a London Dry Gin, no artificial ingredients, colours or flavours are allowed. And perhaps most importantly, no natural colours or flavours may be added after the distillation process.