Guide: How to drink schnapps and aquavit

Schnapps and aquavit are traditional Danish and Scandinavian drinks, usually served in small glasses to accompany a good lunch or dinner. Here is a basic guide on how to drink schnapps and aquavit:

The temperature:
It is important to serve schnapps and aquavit at the right temperature. So what is the right temperature? The temperature of schnapps and aquavit divides opinion and if you ask us, the temperature at which you serve it is entirely up to you. However, if you want to experience all the nuances of the schnapps, we would recommend serving it at room temperature or slightly chilled.

Choosing a glass:
Traditionally, schnapps and aquavit are served in small glasses called "schnapps glasses". Schnapps glasses are usually around 4-6 cl in size and are designed to provide a concentrated taste experience. If you like your schnapps at cool temperatures, we recommend buying with a stem to keep it cool for longer.

Schnappsor aquavit:
To choose the right schnapps and aquavit, consider the type of food you are serving. Stronger and spicier schnapps often go best with heavier dishes, including mince and other meat dishes. Whereas milder schnapps and aquavit go well with lighter dishes.

Drinking technique - Wine sipper:
1... 2... 3... No, you don't have to drink it all at once. In fact, you'll get much more out of the different flavors if you bite it in half. Take a sip of the schnapps or aquavit and then swallow, then take a bite of the food afterwards to get the full flavor experience.

When drinking schnapps or aquavit, take a small sip at a time and leave it in your mouth for a few seconds to taste all the different flavors. You can then swallow and take a bite of the food for a full taste experience.

Food and schnapps combinations:

Schnapps and aquavit are often served with a variety of dishes and are often part of the annual Easter and Christmas lunch table. Fish, shellfish and rye bread are popular foods to accompany schnapps and aquavit. However, schnapps and aquavit are also a great flavoring in various cocktails and drinks, and you can find different recipes for cocktails here.

In keeping with tradition, you should of course remember to say "cheers" to keep Scandinavian cultures alive!

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