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Bornholm Spirits newest family member - BREW Coffee Liqueur

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Coffee liqueur is known as a tasty alcoholic beverage made from the combination of coffee and moderate amounts of alcohol. At Bornholm Spirits, we have finally been able to present our own coffee liqueur, which we are personally head over heels in love with.

Our BREW Coffee Liqueur has a sweet and aromatic seductiveness that comes from the combination of our white rum, Rocky Island 242 and our award-winning Vodka Bornholm, as well as the addition of a bit of cane sugar, vanilla and a hint of orange.

How to enjoy BREW Coffee Liqueur?

BREW Coffee Liqueur can be enjoyed in its purest form, just as it was created, or it can be enjoyed as an ingredient. Whether it's with coffee and cake, as an ingredient in desserts or as the icing on the cake in a delicious cocktail. BREW Coffee Liqueur works for any occasion in any company.

Two quick cocktail suggestions include well-known classics like the Espresso Martini and White Russian.

These are two cocktails where the addition of our BREW Coffee Liqueur will only enhance the flavor experience and leave you thirsty for more.

What products are used to make BREW Coffee Liqueur?

Our BREW Coffee Liqueur is made from the combination of two of our favorites here at Bornholm Spirits - our white rum, Rocky Island 242 and our Vodka Bornholm.

Produced and crafted at the best distilleries in Jamaica and the Dominican Republic, Rocky Island 242 contains a perfect combination of exotic fruits, coconut, berries and vanilla, and draws its inspiration from the tropical Caribbean.

Vodka Bornholm is our award-winning vodka, which has been awarded a gold medal at both the World Spirits Competition 2021 in San Francisco and the China Awards 2023.

The vodka is made from organic wheat, local water from Bornholm and has been aged with 2 million-year-old Rønne granite.

Coffee liqueur - a delicacy since the 1600s

For over 400 years, people have been enjoying the combination of alcohol and the delicious taste of coffee.

Dating back to the 1600s, the very first coffee liqueur was made by a French monk who created a recipe that combined coffee beans, sugar and distilled spirits. This recipe was kept secret in the monastery for many years, but was later shared with the public, which we here at Bornholm Spirits are very grateful for, as we personally believe that the best coffee liqueur in history has only seen the light of day in 2023.

You can find Brew Coffee Liqueur here

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