Christmas quizzes for holiday gatherings

At Bornholm Spirits, we value good times
- big and small.

We value good company and memorable experiences, and what better time to gather colleagues, friends and families from near and far than Christmas?

We have created 5 different Christmas quizzes, consisting of multiple choice questions that go hand in hand with all the upcoming Christmas parties.

Test yourself and your loved ones in categories such as Christmas music, Christmas movies, Snaps & Akvavitter, Christmas questions and random questions about Denmark.

Download and print your Christmas quizzes for this year's Christmas gatherings right now - for free!

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The perfect companion for Christmas gatherings

Complete your Christmas events with Akvavit Borholm - Jule Akvavit.

Our Jule Akvavit goes hand in hand with the Christmas table and the festive holiday atmosphere and is an indispensable part of Christmas.

Clear organic aquavit
Golden organic aquavit

Akvavit Bornholm: Jule Akvavit 37,5% - 50 cl

Akvavit Bornholm: Jule Akvavit 37,5% - 50 cl

Akvavit Bornholm: Jule Akvavit 37,5% - 50 cl

Price 199,00

Our organic Jule Akvavit is the result of carefully selected organic ingredients and a love of tradition that delivers an exquisite taste experience.

This exclusive Nordic aquavit sublimely unites caraway and clove, embracing your taste buds in an enchantingly well-balanced and heart-warming flavor combination. Our special blend of caramel and honey adds a delicate and natural sweetness that perfectly rounds off the slightly spicy character. The citrus notes from the orange not only add a refreshing contrast, but also help to create a round and full-bodied taste experience that awakens the senses.

Our Jule Akvavit is characterized by a barrel-aged character that adds a depth and complexity that can only be achieved through careful aging. A hint of clove rounds out the flavor experience with a slightly spicy aftertaste that lingers and leaves a memorable impression.

Our Christmas Akvavit is a celebration of our cultural heritage and an invitation to join in the Nordic tradition that celebrates taste and craftsmanship. With Akvavit Bornholms Jule Akvavit, you get an experience that embraces history, flavor and the highlights of our Nordic heritage.

VAT included