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Rocky Island 242



4 cl Rocky Island 242
10 ck sparkling water
1.5 cl sugar syrup
Mint leaves
Fresh lime

Cut the half lime into 3-4 wedges, add the lime wedges, sugar syrup and muddle with a muddler.

Dab mint leaves between your hands and add them to the glass, muddle a little more.

Add rum and crushed ice to the glass and top up with sparkling water.

Garnish with lime boat and mint leaves

Rocky Island Rum 242 37,5% - 70 cl.

Rocky Island Rum 242 37,5% - 70 cl.

Rocky Island Rum 242 37,5% - 70 cl.

Price 189,00

Want to experience a rum that feels like a journey to the exotic islands of the Caribbean? This amazing rum has a delightful flavor of exotic fruits, coconut, berries and vanilla combined in perfect balance.

Rocky Island Rum 242 is made from two different blends, giving it a unique and extraordinary flavor.

Suitable for rum enthusiasts and new rum lovers alike, this high-quality white rum is made in the best distilleries in Jamaica and the Dominican Republic.

VAT included