Bornholm Spirits Tasting Box No3

Bornholm Spirits Tasting Box No3
Bornholm Spirits Tasting Box No3
Bornholm Spirits Tasting Box No3

Bornholm Spirits Tasting Box No3

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Tasting box in a beautiful box. 8 x 5 cl.

Host your very own schnapps and cocktail tasting with this beautiful gift box from Bornholm Spirtis.
The gift box contains eight different schnapps, aquavits and drams, featuring the best of Bornholm.

Sevablødda is a Bornholm dram produced according to a 100-year-old recipe. Sevablødda is a traditional cherry dram that most people believe should be enjoyed on its own or in cocktails. You can find the cocktail here.

Special Edition 1 is created in collaboration withinnovative chef Casper Sobczyk, also known as the butter chef from Solskinsøen .Special Edition 1 brings together the Danish summer countryside in a unique and sensuous taste experience, with wonderful notes of rhubarb and star anise.

Frost is our take on a clear aquavit. Frost aquavit offers notes of

caraway, chard and citrus, which is perfect for the classic cold lunch table or in cocktails. Find our delicious cocktails and get inspired here.

Blond Akvavit gives you the taste of cardamom, St. John's wort and a hint of black pepper. It has a nuanced, spicy and round taste that warms the palate. The beautiful curtains in the glass reveal a full-bodied and heavy aquavit that is perfect for the Danish lunch table.

No. 2 Sea Buckthorn, Dill & Cucumber schnapps

combines the refreshing taste of dill with the rounded sea buckthorn and mild cucumber in a flavor explosion. Enjoy it with herring or crayfish.

No. 3 Fig schnapps is as beautiful and golden in appearance as it is sweet and silky in the mouth. The star-studded No 3 Figen has garnered a wealth of rave reviews from critics around the world as well as gold at international competitions.

No. 6 Blueberry & Lemon
The main ingredients blueberry and lemon combine sweetness and acidity. No 6 Blueberry & Lemon has a beautiful and atypical blue-purple color that reveals the blueberry content in this fresh and sweet schnapps. Blueberry & Lemon Schnapps is perfect for the big cold table and with fish and shellfish.

Recommended for: Plaice & Eggs and prawns

No. 8 Chili & Honey combines the sweetness of honey with the strength of chili,

resulting in a sweet and round schnapps that finishes with a slight bite.

The full-bodied schnapps is a safe companion for pork dishes or for the big lunch table.