10 quick ones with Casper Sobczyk - Part 2

Our Special Edition No. 1 - Rhubarb & Star Anise has been created in collaboration with the well-known chef from Solskinsøen, better known as "The Butter Chef from Solskinsøen", Casper Sobczyk.

We had a chat with the man behind it and asked for 10 quick questions.

What is your ultimate goal when it comes to developing and serving unique and memorable flavors to your guests?

"My ultimate goal when it comes to developing and serving unique and memorable flavors to my guests is to create joy and bring them back to good memories. If I can manage to evoke the feeling of nostalgia and joy through my dishes, then you've won in my world."

If you could only choose one ingredient to use for the rest of your life, what would it be? Why?

"Butter! I LOVE that shit!"

What is the most bizarre dish you've ever served and what was the reaction from guests?

"The most bizarre dish I've ever served was probably Flying Jakob in Go' Morgen Danmark - they didn't like it haha. "

What is the most unusual ingredient you have ever worked with and how did you use it in a dish?

"I think it must have been when I had to cook shark one day. One day when I was a student in the kitchen, a two meter BIG shark was put on the table and we had to try to cook it. "

What's the weirdest flavor combination you've ever tried, and was it good or bad?

"It was definitely coffee and sea urchin. Bloody weird! And it was at what was then the 15th best restaurant in the world."

If you could cook a dinner for a famous person (living or dead), who would it be and what would you serve?

"Mr. Barack Obama! He's a leader, a boss, a boss, and he's also got his heart in the right place while being entertaining and funny as hell! I would serve him all my signature dishes - including the butter steak."

What is your favorite dish that you can eat regardless of your mood and time of day?

"No matter what mood I'm in, I can always eat sandwiches and kebabs. They're just two surefire winners that are always delicious to go."

What is the most satisfying feeling as a chef when you see a guest enjoying your food?

"As a chef, it's seeing a guest enjoy my food. It's praise when they email me the next day and tell me about their amazing experience. It's proof that my work has made a difference and brought joy to others."

How do you handle criticism from guests and how do you use it to improve yourself and your cooking?

"Criticism is a good thing, but unfortunately we are now in a time where criticism is handed out in a very know-it-all tone! We've come to a time where everyone feels like a professional chef, mechanic, doctor, etc. at the same time. Just live in the moment and be open to new flavors and nuances!"

What's the funniest story you have from your life as a chef and what made it so funny?

"Haha, every day as a chef is funny, and there are some things that must remain unsaid and in the kitchen :)"

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