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At Bornholm Spirits, you now have the opportunity to design your very own label for premium Danish spirits. Design customized labels and packaging that stand out and build your own brand with our premium spirits as a foundation. Experience unrivaled quality, exclusivity and a tailored experience that not only tastes great, but also tells your unique story. Add a whole new marketing strategy to your business and stay top of mind with your customers.
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Help for Design
Our experienced design team is ready to turn your ideas into visually stunning and memorable designs. Turn your private label into something special with our tailored design assistance.
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Which spirits can you choose?
Discover our impressive range of exclusive spirits where you have the opportunity to create your own unique design.
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Marketing opportunities
Use Bornholm Spirits' private label products as a powerful part of your marketing strategy. See how others have created successful campaigns with our premium spirits.
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Flexibility and Tailoring
Experience unparalleled flexibility in the ordering process and tailor your private label products exactly to your business needs at Bornholm Spirits.
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Bornholm Spirits
Dive into the unique history and local roots of Bornholm Spirits and add an authentic dimension to your brand with our local cultural connection.
Our history

Om Bornholm Spirits

Hos Bornholm Spirits er vi dedikerede til at levere spiritus af høj kvalitet til markedet, lige fra den første smagning til produktion og fortælling. 

Drevet af vores lidenskab for fremragende kvalitet, udvælger vi omhyggeligt økologiske ingredienser og sikrer, at hver enkelt råvare opfylder de højeste standarder. Fra begyndelsen, da de første prøveflasker blev serveret ved vores frokostbord, har vores engagement i at skabe de bedste og mest innovative produkter været øverst på dagsordenen. 

Our Premium Spirits

Below you can read about our premium spirits that you can offer your customers, colleagues and/or family.

Organic Vodka

Experience exceptional quality and purity with our organic vodka from Bornholm. Made with care and dedication, each drop reflects the unique character and natural essence of our carefully selected organic ingredients. A flavorful journey that awakens the senses and leaves an impression of Bornholm's unique terroir.

Organic Gin

Our organic gin is a harmonious blend of juniper, refreshing lemon and spicy cardamom. Each sip opens up a subtle symphony of flavors, with juniper providing a robust base, lemon and cardamom adding freshness and a spicy undertone. A perfectly balanced gin that immerses you in a unique and natural taste experience.

Dark Rum

Rocky Island Rum 373 is an exclusive spirit experience that fuses 3 blends of premium rums. This characterful rum, inspired by Bornholm's unique atmosphere, presents a deep and rich flavor profile. Notes of chocolate, coconut, cask, vanilla, coffee, bark and leather create a harmonious blend that elevates your taste experience to new heights.

Light Rum

A unique spirit experience where premium rum introduces notes of exotic fruits, seductive coconut, juicy berries and soft vanilla. A rum that can be enjoyed by rum connoisseurs and rum lovers alike.


Our Akvavit presents an authentic taste experience where tradition meets modernity. This artisanal aquavit from Bornholm offers a harmonious blend of spices and herbs that capture the character of the island. Notes of caraway and dill crown create a high-quality aquavit.


Our Bitter is a characterful delight with an inviting roundness in both flavor and aroma. The exquisite combination of spices including rowan berries and cinnamon are subtly woven into this unique bitter. The aftertaste is a mild bitterness with a hint of light sweetness that leaves the palate satisfied. The bitter is defined by its fine balance, flavorfulness and character, making it a bitter in a class of its own that clearly appeals to a wide range of taste preferences.

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