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Den innovative kok Casper Sobczyk, også kendt som smørkokken fra Solskinsøen, er manden bag Special Edition 1 - Rabarber og Stjerneanis. Special Edition 1 samler det danske sommerland i en unik og sanselig smagsoplevelse, og får sin smukke lyserøde farve fra de solmodne rabarber. Special Edition 1 kan drikkes, som den er. Den søde snaps kan også blandes i desserter eller anvendes som en del af Caspers signaturcocktail: Kongen af Danmark.

Bag bornholm Spirits

Behind Bornholm Spirit is a team of dedicated people who want to spread the organic premium spirit. With a passion and with room to experiment with natural, organic ingredients to arrive at the best Bornholm drops of the finest quality.

Cocktails and recipes

In collaboration with selected bartenders, we have made a lot of different cocktails which of course are based on our products.



Amaliegade 14
1256 København K

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