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    18 products
    Bornholmer Jule Akvavit 42% - 70 cl
    Bornholmer 1855 Traditionsakvavit 42 % - 70 cl
    BLOND - Golden akvavit 40% - 50 cl
    Bornholmer Easter akvavit - 40% - 50 cl
    FROST - Clear aquavit 40% - 50 cl
    Bornholmer Sommer akvavit 40% - 50 cl
    Bornholmer Akvavit 40 % - 70 cl
    Bornholmer Jule Akvavit 42 % 50 cl
    SEASONAL BOX - 12 X 4 CL
    Gift box 3 X 35 CL
    Bornholmer Jule Akvavit 42 % 4 cl
    Bornholmer 1855 Traditionsakvavit 42% - 35 cl
    MINI BOXES - 3 X 4 CL
    BLOND - Golden akvavit 40% - 5 cl
    FROST - Clear aquavit 40% - 5 cl
    Bornholmer Akvavit 40 % 4 cl
    Bornholmer Akvavit 40% - 35 cl
    Package - The Breakfast Table

    Which aquavit should we choose?

    We all know it, often there are certain drinks for certain events. We've taken that into account. Choose the clear aquavit for the cold table. It doesn't overpower the food, and has a round and smooth taste. If you prefer the darker variety. Maybe our BLOND version? Then you choose right if you sit with fried fish, meat or a really fat classic chicken salad with bacon. Of course, we can't avoid Easter. Round, mild and a pinch of parsley. A plant that has been used in schnapps for hundreds of years. Finally. Of course we also have the Christmas version. We really can't avoid it. Here's a version made from ancient recipes dating back to 1855. Added both clove and orange to bring Christmas closer. Bornholm Spirits - keeping old traditions alive.

    What is aquavit?

    This has been discussed for many years. Aren't aquavit and schnapps the same thing? In a way, yes. Aquavit is schnapps, but not the other way around. In fact, there are a number of conditions before a spirit can be called an Aquavit. A certain amount of dill and/or caraway seeds must not simply be "added". In the process, it must be distilled. This is how we get the spirit that we know today as Akvavit. A schnapps produced under given conditions according to a "recipe" assigned by the authorities. In the same way we produce spirits at Bornholm. See our large assortment now.

    What is aquavit made of?

    Many spirits are produced from some very basic raw materials, which is also the case here. Namely cereals or potatoes. Then, as above, this is distilled along with the flavourings. Dill and/or caraway. However, at Bornholm Spirits we have a number of different options. Light, dark, summer etc. You can read more about these in the section below.


    What can you actually use aquavit for? Is it just from a shot glass? No! We've put together some fantastic cocktail recipes. Grab a glass now, find the ingredients for an Akva Sour - FROST Clear Aquavit, lemon juice, sugar syrup and egg white. Other options include the Nordic Negroni, Nordic Pamola and Nordic Mojito. The possibilities are many more than you might think. We aim to have something for all tastes. Bornholm has a lot to offer. Quality spirits for him and her.

    Water of life

    Just as spirits derive from the German Branntwein, aquavit does not stand alone. This comes from the Latin "Aqua vitae" meaning "water of life". It must be said to hold words in a way - at least for us. Whatever version you fancy, we are ready to offer aquavit for your events or everyday life.