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50 ml Snaps Bornholm Vanilla No. 5

1 slice must fresh pineapple

4 leaves must fresh sage

20 ml of honey

20 ml freshly squeezed lime juice

Garnish: Vanilla bean & sage

Yellow Heaven

30 ml Snaps Bornholm No. 1 Chile

1 cm must fresh ginger

20 ml sugar syrup

20 ml white cocoa cream

20 ml passion fruit puree

1 whole fresh egg white

Garnish: Passion fruit & white chocolate

St. Germain Foam

30 ml Snaps Bornholm No. 1 Chile

120 ml lemon soda

Garnish: Ginger & chili

Spiced Tonic

40 ml Snaps Bornholm Figen
120 ml Spiced tonic

Pynt:  Juicen fra pink grapefrugt

Blooming Fig

40 ml Snaps Bornholm Figen
20 ml Hvid Mozart likør
10 ml Tia Maria
10 ml Salt karamel
40 ml Fløde
5 ml Fernet Branca

Pynt: Myntekvaste

Sweet Child

40 ml Snaps Bornholm
Hindbær, Ingefær & Granatæble
120 ml Rød sodavand
(Vi anbefaler Kindley)

Diamond Snaps

40 ml Snaps Bornholm
Hindbær, Ingefær & Granatæble
1 sukkerknald
4 dash Angostura bitters
120 ml Brut Champagne

Hot Summer

40 ml Snaps Bornholm Vanilje
120 ml Blodappelsinsodavand
(vi anbefaler Bundaberg)

Pynt: 1 stk. Dehydreret
blodappelsin (valgfrit)

Vanilla Love

30 ml Snaps Bornholm Vanilje
30 ml Mjød
30 ml Rabarbersirup
20 ml Bergamottepuré


40 ml Snaps Bornholm 
Blåbær & Citron
120 ml Premium Ginger Beer

Pynt: Rosmarinstilk

Red Copenhagen

50 ml Snaps Bornholm
Blåbær & Citron
30 ml Sød vermouth
2 dash Angostura bitters

Pynt: Citron zest

Licorice Fire

40 ml Snaps Bornholm Lakrids
15 ml Cherry Heering likør
100 ml Eagle Ginger beer

Pynt: Lakridsrod

Golden Licorice

50 ml Snaps Bornholm Lakrids
20 ml Saltkaramel
40 ml Gulerodsjuice
7 Dråber gulerodsolie

Pynt: Gulerodtoppe

Summer In The Sun

40 ml Snaps Bornholm Chili & Honning
120 ml Abrikos sodavand
10 ml Lime Cordial

Pynt: Limeskive dehydreret

The Golden Age

50 ml Snaps Bornholm Chili & Honning
30 ml Limejuice
30 ml Honningsirup
3 kvaste Mynte

Pynt: Lime zest “på klemme”

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