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    Best vodka

    What is the best vodka? It's hard to say. People have their own subjective opinions, as they come in many different versions and qualities. But we can certainly vouch for the fact that our product is produced under the best conditions - with local, classic and good ingredients. Bornholm is a rocky island. We have taken that to heart. Vodka Bornholm has a rounded and smooth taste. This is possible because we use Blå Rønne. One of the oldest Bornholm granites. This is used in the ageing of our spirits, where a number of minerals are released. So if you fancy one of our award winning, high quality vodkas, order now. Click here.

    A new addition

    The sun is high in the sky, the mood is high. It's summer now! You're sitting on the terrace and need something cold for your palate. Normally it's the classic rosé wine you pull out of the fridge. But we've changed that. We've thought outside the box and can now introduce high quality vodka with the taste of Rosé. Cherry, strawberry and raspberry. A pinch of black pepper and thyme. Vodka Bornholm Rosé Edition is not only new thinking, but it is also Bornholm produced. The best organic ingredients. Now try it chilled on its own or in one of our fantastic cocktail recipes.

    What is vodka made of?

    Vodka in its classic form is distilled from either grain or potatoes. Then diluted on water and then filtered. The spirit dates back many years, to around the early 1400s. But on Bornholm it is a more recent phenomenon. A phenomenon we have contributed to. We produce Bornholm vodka. From the best raw materials. Organic wheat and aged with some of the oldest granite in the world. So if you want to taste a smooth and rounded vodka, Bornholm spirits is the right choice. We present here a high-quality product from the Nordic corner of the world.

    Cliff Island

    Here you will find local producers. With a flair for good craftsmanship. Bornholm drinks in all forms from fantastic raw materials of juicy fruits, organic wheat and fresh berries. A place where nature and quality really shine through. Take your loved ones by the hand, order vodka from Bornholm Spirits now. We set the standard high and strive to make our customers satisfied in the best possible way. Vodka is for many the first choice, which is why we have chosen to put a lot of hours into getting the best end result.