10 quick ones with Casper Sobczyk

What is good taste?

"First of all, good taste is an individual thing. For me personally, it's about simplicity and at the same time an explosion of flavor. This is reflected in my food and clothing style as well as in my personality. I think it's important to have a good balance between simplicity and complexity to achieve the perfect taste experience."

What is the flavor profile of your schnapps and what dishes would you recommend serving it with?

"When it comes to my schnapps, the flavor profile is sweet, which is not a normal thing for a schnapps. It tastes of rhubarb and star anise, like the King of Denmark sweets. I think it's great in cocktails and is especially delicious cold with nothing. I would recommend enjoying it on its own and not pairing it with anything in desserts."

Casper med Special Edition 1 - Rabarber & Stjerneanis

If you had to bring 3 ingredients to a desert island. What would they be?

"If I had to take three ingredients to a desert island, I would choose butter, garlic and chocolate."

What process did you follow to develop and perfect the recipe for your schnapps?

"When developing and perfecting my recipes, I test like crazy. I've experimented with everything from the amount of sugar to how long to leave the schnapps with rhubarb and how much star anise to add and how long to leave the anise out. It's important to be patient and test different combinations to achieve the perfect flavor."

Casper Sobczyk med Special Edition

Do you have any advice for people who want to make their own schnapps? Where do you start?

"If you want to make your own schnapps, start with a clear schnapps or vodka. Then you can add your ingredients and possibly sugar or honey if you want your schnapps to be sweeter. I would also recommend splitting the clear schnapps or vodka with different grams of the different ingredients until you find the one you like best. Remember to keep the schnapps cold and dark for flavor extraction! "

How do you choose the ingredients you use in your recipes in general, and how can you adapt this approach to the kitchen at home?

"When choosing ingredients for my recipes in general, I always take into account the freshness and flavor of the ingredients. I always taste my ingredients as the taste can change throughout the year. I also believe in simplicity in my dishes and universe and only add the ingredients that really contribute to the flavor."

Casper m. S1

What other ingredients or flavor combinations would you like to experiment with in the future? If you were to make another schnapps?

"I would like to experiment with coffee and salted caramel or chocolate and orange in my next schnapps. "

How can you use schnapps in cooking and baking recipes to add extra flavor and depth?

"When it comes to using schnapps in cooking and baking recipes, I've had great success adding it to meringues."

Snaps i hånden på Casper

How would you like to inspire people to explore and experiment with different flavors and ingredients in their cooking and drinking?

"I think it's important to explore and experiment with different flavors and ingredients in their cooking and drinking. I think it's important to experiment and take risks because the worst thing that can happen is that you have to start all over again. No great chef got to where they are today without experimenting and failing once in a while."

If you accidentally drink all your schnapps and your hair hurts the next day, what would you recommend as a good hangover food?

"If you drink all my schnapps and your hair hurts a bit the next day, I would recommend eating some salt. The body may be imbalanced and need to restore its salt content. Personally, I'm the type of person who buys takeaway from six different places, eats, sleeps, wakes up, eats, sleeps..."

Casper har udviklet en cocktailen "Kongen af Danmark"

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