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    Bornholm Distillery

    The Spirits of Bornholm

    When you walk along the edge of the steep cliff
    with the sea below you and Hammershus in the distance, you feel
    it right in your bones.

    The windswept heather meadows with the grazing sheep. The twisted
    trees. And of course the rocks, which here on the highland ridge are
    worn round by changing ice ages.

    On Slotslyngen you feel the soul of Bornholm. You can taste it
    in our handmade spirits. For it is in this wild primeval landscape
    that we gather inspiration, berries and flowers for the production
    at home in our small distillery in Rønne.

    Our ambition is that you can smell and taste Bornholm in every
    single product from Bornholm Distillery. And that you feel the spirit
    of Slotslyngen when you take the cork off the bottle.