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Bornholm Spirits

Bornholm Lemoande

No. 8 Chili & Honey

Bornholm Lemonade


4 cl. Schnapps Bornholm No. 8 Chili & Honey
10 cl. Lemon soda Freshly squeezed lemon
Lemon for garnish
Ice cubes


1. Fill your glass with ice
2. Add schnapps
3. Top with lemon soda
4. Pour in some lemon juice and garnish with lemon at the end

No. 8 Chili & Honey Snaps 40% - 50 cl

No. 8 Chili & Honey Snaps 40% - 50 cl
No. 8 Chili & Honey Snaps 40% - 50 cl
No. 8 Chili & Honey Snaps 40% - 50 cl
No. 8 Chili & Honey Snaps 40% - 50 cl
No. 8 Chili & Honey Snaps 40% - 50 cl
No. 8 Chili & Honey Snaps 40% - 50 cl

No. 8 Chili & Honey Snaps 40% - 50 cl

Price 199,00

No 8 Chili & Honning is made from the traditional Bornholm honey type, which is a Bornholm speciality loved by locals and visitors alike. Chili & Honningsnaps, like honey syrup, should be enjoyed with salt-fried herring. The rich schnapps is also a safe companion for pork dishes or the big lunch table. We've added a pinch of chili, resulting in a sweet and round schnapps that finishes with a little bite.

with: Herring, Cheese & Dessert

Sweet, golden and deep

Honey, a thick, golden and liquid liquid produced by diligent worker bees. Honey comes into being from the nectar bees find in flowering plants and is then stored in the hive to eat in less fortunate times. Honey has a very sweet but rounded taste, which is why it is an obvious choice for a honey schnapps, for example, where we at Bornholm Spirits have found a really good combination with chilli. So they complement each other with the sweet and spicy in a way where we think you get a great product that can be used for many events. You can read more about this in the section below.

Honey schnapps for the lunch table

On the sunny rocky island of Bornholm, you'll find the local honeyyp, which our honey snaps are based on. Honningsyp a Bornholm speciality is used for salt herring, but in Nordic cuisine can be combined with many other dishes. Therefore, the lunch table or Christmas table should not be deprived of a "little" one from Bornholm Spirits honey snaps. Rounded off with a little kick from the chilli. If you want a taste experience out of the ordinary, serve this snaps with a dessert, or impress your guests with a nice cheese board. The sweet paired with cheese is, for many, the perfect combination. We look forward to hearing what you think of this well-produced product.

Click here if you want to see our full range of snaps. We make a virtue of experimenting and delivering the best tastes just for you. Read more about the rocky island of Bornholm here and the many Nordic opportunities it has to offer.

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