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4 cl. Bornholmer Klar Akvavit
4 cl. freshly squeezed lemon juice
4 cl. sugar syrup
Egg white

Dry shake all the ingredients.

Shake thoroughly in a shaker.

Strain into glasses filled with ice.

Garnish with dehydrated lemon.

FROST - Clear aquavit 40% - 50 cl

FROST - Clear aquavit 40% - 50 cl
FROST - Clear aquavit 40% - 50 cl

FROST - Clear aquavit 40% - 50 cl

Price 159,00

FROST is our take on a clear Akvavit. FROST Akvavit is made in Nexø on Bornholm - created from organic wheat and local spring water that has been stored on mineral rock for billions of years. Together, this gives the aquavit a mild and clean taste. With its subtle hint of caraway and citrus, FROST Akvavit is fresh and silky smooth on the palate, leaving you with a pleasant spicy aftertaste.

You can enjoy a FROST Akvavit at all the good times around the lunch table with the traditional Danish lunch dishes. FROST Akvavit never dominates and is perfect for the classic cold table.

The aquavit goes particularly well with all types of seafood and light meat dishes. We recommend serving FROST at 5-7 degrees. In our universe, we have also created a range of drinks and cocktails.

With FROST Akvavit, we have created an organic aquavit that represents the best of Bornholm.

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