Bornholm Spirits

Sunshine Island Special

No. 2 Sea Buckthorn, Dill & Cucumber

Sunshine Island Special

5 cl Snaps Bornholm Sea Buckthorn, Dill and Cucumber
2.5 cl Elderflower liqueur
2 cl Lime juice
2 cl Sugar syrup
1 fresh egg white
Ice cubes

Fill your glass with ice and let it cool

Pour all ingredients into the shaker with ice

Shake well!

Empty the glass of ice

Using a strainer, pour the cocktail into the chilled glass

No. 2 Sea Buckthorn, Dill & Cucumber Schnapps 40% - 50 cl

No. 2 Sea Buckthorn, Dill & Cucumber Schnapps 40% - 50 cl
No. 2 Sea Buckthorn, Dill & Cucumber Schnapps 40% - 50 cl

No. 2 Sea Buckthorn, Dill & Cucumber Schnapps 40% - 50 cl

Price 199,00

At Bornholm Spirits we love to experiment with flavours. Only the imagination sets the limits when we really let loose with the good Nordic herbs.

No 2 Sea Buckthorn, Dill & Cucumber combines the refreshing taste of dill with the rounded sea buckthorn and the mild cucumber in a flavour explosion that goes great with the herring table or the crayfish feast. The combination is our take on a snaps for New Nordic cooking.

Recommended for: Herring

Flavourful, fruity and rounded

Sea buckthorn is often found in areas close to the sea, and thrives enormously in calcareous soil, which is why the Nordic latitudes are the perfect habitat. And therefore also the perfect companion to a Nordic snaps from Bornholmspirits. Sea buckthorn comes in the form of shrubs and branches, which can grow up to 6 metres. A single berry contains more vitamin C than a whole orange and can therefore be said to have a high nutritional content, which contributes extra well to our sea buckthorn schnapps. However, that's not the only reason to bring this amazing product into the kitchen, sea buckthorn is full of flavour and under the right conditions can provide a beautiful and rounded experience for the drinker. That's why we here at Bornholmspirits, have experimented and developed our Sea Buckthorn Snaps, with what we believe is the right result.

Sea buckthorn schnapps for the cold table

Bornholm has many things to offer. Especially inspiration to develop products for the Nordic kitchen. And what's better than a good schnapps for the Easter table? There are often several different kinds of herring, seafood and other traditional dishes where a Sea Buckthorn schnapps would go exceptionally well. The subtle flavours from classic dill, cucumber and a rounded taste from intense and tart berries are the perfect combination. Bornholm thus delivers once again, a product we are very happy to offer you. Try it now for the cold table, or with your loved ones who want a wonderful experience.

If you would like to see other of our products and the full range on snaps, follow us right here. We make a virtue of experimenting and delivering the best tasting experiences to you. Read about Bornholm here and the many possibilities this amazing destination brings.

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