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The bestselling package with Bornholm spirits!

The New Year's package 2023 includes GOAT Gin, Brew Coffee Liqueur and our award-winning Vodka Bornholm, which is sure to get the party started. So treat your guests to delicious Gin & Tonics, Espresso Martini and White Russian, or mix your very own signature drink.

Vodka Bornholm:
Vodka Bornholm is an award-winning vodka produced on the beautiful Danish island of Bornholm. It is made from the best organic ingredients and aged with 2 million-year-old rön granite, giving it a unique and flavorful profile.
Vodka Bornholm is perfect to enjoy on its own or as part of a delicious cocktail. For example, try mixing it with tonic water and a few slices of lime for a cool and refreshing drink.

Brew Coffee Liqueur:
We proudly present our enchanting coffee liqueur, created with care and dedication. It is the result of a unique fusion between our exquisite white rum, award-winning vodka and carefully selected coffee beans, resulting in an unrivaled taste experience. To refine our coffee liqueur, we've added a touch of cane sugar and vanilla, adding an extra layer of complexity to every drop.

Brew Coffee Liqueur presents distinctive aromas and flavors of white rum and caramel, which blend beautifully with the orange notes of the coffee liqueur. Together they create a deep, rich flavor experience with a perfect balance of sweetness and subtle bitterness.

The Goat Gin. A classic gin in an urban universe. The Goat is a go-to gin and has a balanced and fine aftertaste. A clear winner with a tonic and lots of ice. A gin made in the London Dry style. Flavor notes of lemon, juniper, angelica root and coriander.