Ditte Julies Special Edition - Apple, Vanilla & Almond 25% - 5 cl

Ditte Julies Special Edition - Apple, Vanilla & Almond 25% - 5 cl

Ditte Julies Special Edition - Apple, Vanilla & Almond 25% - 5 cl

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The Special Edition series has been developed in collaboration with selected Nordic chefs and cookbook authors and is a modern tribute to the classic schnapps.

Ditte Julie Jensen, the passionate entrepreneur and cookbook author, is behind Special Edition 2 - Apple, Vanilla & Almond.

Special Edition No. 2 represents a modern tribute to the classic schnapps, and this special edition is filled with the flavors of sweet apple, vanilla and almond. This sweet and slightly spicy schnapps will take your taste buds on an adventurous journey back to your childhood when you sip it.

With our innovative approach to schnapps, in collaboration with Ditte Julie, we have developed an organic and sensuous taste experience that can be drunk on its own or used as an ingredient in cooking, desserts and cocktails. This schnapps is a perfect accompaniment to a good cup of coffee or a piece of cake and will make a unique addition to any festive occasion.

Enjoy it slightly chilled and be seduced by its sweet and slightly spicy taste.

Ditte Julie Jensen

Ditte Julie participated in Den Store Bagedyst in 2015 and subsequently won the Christmas edition in 2018. Since then, she has turned her passion for cakes into her career as a communicator of the sweet life, TV chef, cake book author and lecturer.

She has published 13 cookbooks and 6 e-books since 2016, both with Gyldendal and her own publishing house. In August 2019, together with Imerco, she launched her own baking and ironing line by Ditte Julie, which she is the designer behind. Now Ditte Julie can also write snap producer on her CV.