Snaps Bornholm Snaps glass

Snaps Bornholm Snaps glass

Snaps Bornholm Snaps glass

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With our beautiful Snaps Bornholm Schnapps glasses, you can experience the ultimate taste experience of our delicious schnapps and aquavits. The box contains 6 shot glasses with the Snaps Bornholm logo.

From Snaps Bornholm to Bornholm Spirits.

The story started in 2015 with a single and very strong chili schnapps in a very cold place in Europe. Today, the portfolio has grown with a wide range of premium products, international recognition and our own factory in Nexø - and with an ambition to become the largest organic spirits producer in the Nordic region.

At Bornholm Spirits, we are passionate about creating unique and tasty products such as schnapps, aquavit, vodka and other spirits. We create new classics and rethink the concept of schnapps while maintaining proud traditions.

We celebrate the diversity of the beautiful Nordic ingredients through quality spirits that are a delight to the palate as well as the eye. In short, we love to stimulate and inspire people through our products.

We, the passionate and authentic enthusiasts behind Bornholm Spirits, are continuously working to create new and exciting flavors. Schnapps, aquavit, vodka and other spirits are produced with love, curiosity and dedication based on the good raw materials and super soft crystal clear Bornholm water, which has been stored on mineral-rich rock for billions of years, giving the spirits a more balanced taste.

We don't compromise on quality and ecology means a lot to us. Bornholm Spirits presents a range of organic premium products - with the desire to spread the word about the finest Bornholm spirits of the best quality. We hope you will enjoy these products. We hope you enjoy them. #Vinipper #celebratinglife