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Bornholmer Dram SevaBlødda 40% - 5 cl

Bornholmer Dram SevaBlødda 40% - 5 cl

Bornholmer Dram SevaBlødda 40% - 5 cl

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A Bornholm dram - over 100 years old - originally in the "no recipe left behind" category. Police officer Axel Nibe from Nexø, however, kept an eye on the whole thing in 1909, but only revealed the story in 1964: "Brændehandel og skibsproviantering H. S. Munch produced "ejn søder sup", which gave its name to the refreshment breaks during the ships' hauling in the slipway. When the slip was smeared with soap, the thirsty necks also got their "blødda", hence the name sevablødda, which is Bornholmian and means to soften soap. The contents are composed of many equal parts of delicate liquor, and "Dænj ska drikkes te enj kanj saj Sevablødda ræjtit. When enj kanj saj'ed no more, enj la varra."

Aroma: Spicy cinnamon, cherry and a hint of clove.

Color: Deep, heavy and golden.

Sevablødda - how should it be enjoyed and served?

A traditional cherry dram from Bornholm should, in most people's opinion, be enjoyed as it is. Simple and only in its own form. But not everyone is as hardy as the old fishermen on the rocky island. At Bornholmspirits, we have developed a cocktail that uses Sevablødda. The recipe follows:

  • 4 cl. Sevablødda
  • 12 cl. Ginger beer
  • Lime juice

Procedure: Pour the Sevablødda into a glass with ice cubes and top up with Ginger Beer. Squeeze a squeeze of lime into the glass. Garnish with lime. See many of our other great recipes by clicking here. We use schnapps, vodka and more. Cocktails are great to experiment with, as are our many different schnapps.